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Post IGN here! This was tweaked to get a less dense topology and I manually retopolgized the faces of the tree to be animation-friendly. For the rock I used decimation master inside ZBrush, this is a static asset so there was no need for manual retopology.

Dragon Nest Europe

Inside 3DS Max I placed the leaves of the tree by hand. These were baked on to a simple plane.

The Eternal Guild

The texturing was done inside Substance Painter. I broke down the assets into different groups: April, Crow, the tree and the rock with the ground. The most important part of this project was the final presentation. Here is a breakdown of the Marmoset scene. So for this particular case, the HDRI I used has a limited effect on the scene and was actually positioned to highlight the water flowing down the rock next to the tree. I also wanted more vivid colors for this scene and one of the things I enjoy doing is using complementary colors in lighting.

So in this case, I used two main lights: one spotlight of pale orange hue that illuminates the central part of the scene and a directional light of pale blue color coming from above used to draw attention to the character. This creates nice shadows on the ground. A fog was then applied for atmospheric effects. I order to simulate rays coming from above I used multiple spots drawing attention to the face of the tree, and lastly some simple Omni lights for glow coming from the flowers.

The main challenge of this project was to animate all the scene in a short time.

PART 2 FIXED !!! Class Mastery 4 SKill Preview ALL CLASSES !!! Dragon Nest Awake (Mobile)

That lead me to use quick methods. For the tree, the aim was to obtain a quick result. Given the amplitude of the movement, only a few bones were enough. To do this, I find the ideal pose, then I choose a frame count which defines the shorter curves loop. I can then add some move variations with different loop lengths by using it as a multiplier. I animate the pelvis then I go upwards in the hierarchy. For this purpose, I use my previous curve with infinite loop on each attribute, then I offset them one by one while checking the result in the 3d view.

Absolutely incredible job. You managed to capture the nuance and tone of the original, while updating to contemporary graphical ability. I hope this becomes a full-on project, one day! Become a partner. Log in. Weekly Newsletter.

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I'm telling ya, Andrew is Elon Musk of gaming industry. Working on Visual Weapon Design. Unity Technologies. Share on. Substance Painter The texturing was done inside Substance Painter.